About us

Matt and Kate Jones are art collectors with over 40 years’ combined professional experience in the art world. We’re experts at finding art – whether you’re looking to buy a one-off piece, begin a collection, commission an artist or simply rent art from our own collection of over 300 works, we can help. We love art that makes a statement. As contemporary art consultants, we work with visionary companies and individuals who value and embrace creativity.

Our breadth and depth of contacts include emerging and established artists, commercial galleries and dealers and other private collections.

Helping businesses and individuals to discover great art is just one aspect of what we do. How that piece of art is then displayed and lit shouldn’t be underestimated. We design display walls which create impact and the wow factor. Whether it’s a solo piece of sculpture dramatically lit, or a salon style wall of 30 works, we know how to make a visual statement.