Welcome to Common Room Projects. We are an art consultancy and gallery space based in the old Station Master’s House at Welwyn North Station in Hertfordshire.

About The Artist

Noel Murphy studied art at Cumbria College before pursuing a 25 year career as a professional editorial photographer.

Throughout his career he has continued to draw and paint, specifically figurative work and abstract landscapes. Smudged, smeared and scraped, the artist manipulates his oil paint across the surface, embracing accidental marks and scratches in the process. Each painting has a deliberate randomness, echoing memories of a view that was once photographed, then drawn and then later painted from memory, capturing mood, atmosphere, time, light and memory.

Oil on board 12×12 inches £250

Oil on board 10 x 10 inches £220

Oil on board 6 x 6 inches £150

Oil on board 5 x 7 inches £150